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70% chocolate, abandoned buildings, acoustic folk music, adventure, androgyny, animation, anime, anticipation, arizona, art deco, attitude of gratitude, bamboo, beer, being alone, big black leather boots, black velvet paintings, black-eyed susans, blankets, bluegrass, bones, books, boxes, boys in glasses, bubble baths, butter, camping, candlelight, cartoons, cheese, comic books, communication, community, cooking, coronation street, costumes, crystals, daisies, danish modern, deserts, documentaries, dog collars, dreams, earthships, environmental responsibility, epiphanies, essential oils, etymology, fangs, festies, fiddles, fire, flippin' biscuits, fluffer-nutter academy, foreign films, forests, freshwater lakes, fun-fur, gardening, gender-bending, glass-blowing, herbalism, hiking, holistic living, honesty, horses, hot springs, hybrid vehicles, i ching, indie rock, intimacy, jackassery, jambands, japanese design & aesthetics, jars, jazz, jellyfish, kissing, laughter, lava lamps, leather, leopard-print, lightning, linguistics, lonely roads, love, meditation, mid-century modern, mountains, mushrooms, music, natural living, nature, new mexico, northern lights, nudity, old trucks, organic produce, personal evolution, photography, picnics, pinecones, ponies, prairie home companion, psychology, radio, random acts of kindness, rasslin', road-trips, rock climbing, saké, schnauzers, scooters, seashells, seasides, self-sufficiency, silence, silk-screening, silver jewellery, skulls and crossbones, sleep, snowfall, solitude, spirituality, spooning, spurs, stars, stop motion animation, sushi, sustainability, swimming, synchronicity, tarot, tea, texas, the ocean, theremins, thunder, thunderstorms, tiger-balmed nipples, travel, true love, twee, urban spelunking, vegetarianism, volcanoes, wandering, whips, wine, wiretap, yoga
After 10 years on LJ, this profile needs a re-tweak.


It'll happen sooner or later.


In the meantime, I am open to meeting new friends - please leave a comment on this post or send me a message to be included in my friend's list.

If we are newly connected, please feel free to read my current introduction post here. (a shorter and updated version is now available here)


Thanks - now go ride horses, play with dogs, craft fine meals, wander in nature, fall in love, and create beautiful artworks!
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